Who is an OT?

Occupational Therapy (OT) is the art and science of human occupation.  "Occupation" for the pediatric population most often is in the areas of play and "activities of daily living" (ADL).

Where do OTs practice?

Pediatric OT is most often implemented in the school or clinical setting.  In order to qualify for OT services, the student must demonstrate a disability that is school relevant.  In many cases, children qualify for OT services within a clinical setting, regardless of their qualifications within the school setting.  Seacoast Keystone Therapy has a unique model that is home based, which includes the family for input and carryover readily.

What do OTs do?

The OT completes an evaluation that includes standardized testing, history review, collaboration with parents and other involved professionals, and clinical/functional observations.  This information is gathered to generate a treatment plan, continually assessing the effectiveness of treatment through data collection and outcome measures.